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Why Choose Citizens Bank?

A Real Community Bank

When you choose to bank with us, you are supporting the businesses and people right here in our local community. Funds deposited with us stay local and help the community grow. We are a bank that is in-state and in-touch with the lives of our local community. Our offices and staff all reside in rural Kentucky counties. Financing decisions come from us, your neighbors, not from an office three states away.

Modern Convenience, Personalized Service

Customers of Citizens bank receive the benefit of modern conveniences in combination with personalized service. Access your account and bank from anywhere using our mobile banking app or online banking website. Pay your bills online and transfer funds with the tap of your finger. Contact or stop by any of our branches, and you’ll be greeted by our friendly, professional staff, ready to help you.

A History Of Customer Service

Established in 1904, Citizens Bank grew along with the community that surrounded it. By 1910 the bank had grown in reputation and financial strength, which placed it among the top financial institutions in Southeastern Kentucky. In 1958 Mr. R.C. Anderson was appointed as bank President. Devoted to his work, his people, and his community, Mr. Anderson exemplified his commitment to customer service by placing his desk in the center of the lobby. Under Mr. Anderson, the bank grew by leaps and bounds.

Today, Citizens Bank is still going strong, committed to each individual customer and the communities we live in with four branches across Southeastern Kentucky.