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Home Loans

Home Loans To Get You Moved In

When buying a home, getting the right loan can make all the difference. At Citizens Bank, our home loan advisors can walk you through the options and help you get the home you want. We offer competitive fixed and variable rate mortgages with low closing costs and flexible terms and payments. 

We specialize in mortgages and have helped thousands afford a new home. Every aspect of your loan is handled by our bank, which means your loan will be secured on time, reliably, and with a competitive rate.

For first time home buyers, we explain the in’s and out’s of home loans so you will have the knowledge to confidently buy your first home.

Citizens Bank is a real community bank. That means loan and financing approvals are done by people who live in your community and understand local issues. We also offer mortgages secured by your home or by land, lot loans, and home construction loans. Find out how we can help you get into your next home. Contact us today.

"Mark (loan officer) was a joy to work with and so efficient. Thank you for making our home buying experience a breeze."
Michele Mason
Michele Mason

Home Loan Calculators

Estimate how much your loan payment could be or how much you can afford to spend on a home. Choose a calculator to get started. For exact amounts and terms, contact us to speak with a loan advisor.

Estimate Your Home Loan Payment
Estimate The Home Price You Can Afford

Home Loan Refinancing

Refinancing your existing mortgage to one with a lower interest rate can reduce your monthly payment or shave years off the length of the loan. Refinancing is a smart way to free up more of your money. Whether you want lower payments, want to consolidate multiple loans, or just want some extra cash for a home improvement project, our home loan advisors can help you find the best refinancing option to meet your goals.  Contact us today.