Long-Distance Call Cost Calculator

Long-Distance Call Cost Calculator
This calculator will not only assist you in calculating the average cost per minute of one or any number of calls, but it will also keep track of the cost of your long distance phone call (including state and federal taxes) based on either the calculated average cost per minute or on the actual cost per minute — if you happen to know it.

From your phone bill enter the number of minutes of a call and the corresponding cost of the call in the first two entry fields respectively. Next, either click the “Enter” button or press the “Tab” key on your keyboard. To get the average cost per minute for more than one call, simply repeat the preceeding instructions for each call and the calculator will accumulate the totals. In any case, be sure to record your average cost per minute. Then, the next time you make a long distance call, open this calculator, enter your average cost per minute in the corresponding field and click “Start Timer” once the long-distance connection is made. Finally, click “Stop Timer” just as you hang up. You can then record your call to keep an estimated running total of your monthly long-distance calls. Note that you can save this page to your hard drive and open the calculator in your web browser without being connected to the internet (for those who only have one phone line).

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