Person to Person Payments (P2P)

What is Person to Person Payments (P2P)

With Person to Person (P2P) payments, you can instantly send money directly from your Citizens Bank checking account to someone’s bank debit card. Whether you’re reimbursing a friend for services, lunch, or sending a gift, P2P is the fastest and easiest way to do it. All you need is the payee’s name and contact information. The recipient will be sent a link to enter their card information and the payment will be processed immediately!

Benefits of P2P Payments

 – Money is sent real-time. Your payee will get their money loaded to their bank debit card today! Other solutions can take a day or two for funds to transfer.
Simplicity – P2P is simple and easy to use for you and your payee. Just enter their contact information and they will receive a text or email notification to provide their debit card details. Then you’re ready to pay!
Security – Funds transfers are encrypted from our bank to your friend’s bank.
Convenience – As the sender, you are not giving your bank information to a third party product or having to create a separate holding/prepaid account with another product and then take an additional step in transferring the money to their bank account.
Privacy – The recipient’s card information is encrypted and stored for future payments, but you as the sender cannot see it.

How to use P2P

  1. From the Mobile app, click Move Money from the menu.
  2. Click the + sign under My Payees to add a new payee.
  3. Select Person to Person.
  4. Enter the payee’s name and contact information. You can then invite them by email or text message to enter their card information from their own device. Alternatively, if the payee is present with you, you can hand them your phone to enter their card number.
  5. If you send an invitation email/text, the payee will be sent a link which they can use to provide their debit card number and expiration date.
  6. Once card information has been supplied, you can now send money! Click on the payee and select Send Payment, or choose New Transaction from the Move Money page and start the transfer process from there.
  7. Enter the payment details and click Submit. Your payment will be processed immediately.

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