Transportation Savings Calculator

Transportation Savings Calculator
This calculator will help you to determine any savings that might occur if you were to choose a transportation alternative (walking, biking, bus ride, etc.) to driving your car. You can either compute your savings for a one-time trip or for multiple reoccuring trips over any number of years. Plus, you can choose whether to compute the savings using the Gasoline Method (cost of gasoline only) or using the Mileage Method (average cost per mile to own, operate, maintain and insure your car. The default is 55 cents per mile which reflects the IRS’s allowance for using your car for business purposes).

Enter the number of miles for the trip you are computing the savings for, enter any applicable trip costs, choose “One-time” or “Reoccuring”, choose “Gasoline Method” or “Mileage Method” and click the “Compute Savings” button. Note that you are free to change any of the default values that appear — which are only included to serve as an example of the entry format you are required to use.

Enter number of miles per trip:
Enter trip costs (bus fares, ticket costs, etc.) if any:
Trip will occur:
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    time(s) per for years.
Compute savings using:
    Gasoline Method
    Mileage Method at cents per mile
Enter your car’s miles per gallon (MPG) rating:
Enter gasoline cost per gallon:
Savings per Trip:
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